Why So Many People Choose Austin TX As Their New Home

In the last decade, Austin Texas has grown from a cozy college town to one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. Every day 150 people move in and call Austin home. There are hundreds of reasons that Austin has found favor among those looking to relocate. These are just a few.

Austin has a low cost of living, a laid-back vibe, and is increasingly becoming a rich cultural hub. This city tops many of the “best of” lists of cities across the nation, and it should come as no surprise.

With an incredible range of hiking and biking trails right within the city, including the Greenbelt and Lady Bird Lake trails, outdoor enthusiasts will find it easy to stay in shape. There are plenty of places to stay cool with over 30 unique pools, eddies and springs, plus the opportunity to go tubing in the 60 degree Colorado River.

Restaurants and local eateries abound, as do the craft breweries and microbreweries that have tasting parties and brand events. Foodies will be thrilled to learn that Austin is the home base of Whole Foods, and you can’t turn around without bumping into a farmer’s market, making Austin a fantastic place for those who enjoy delicious food, creative cooking, and a healthy lifestyle.

There are also plenty of local music venues and festivals for music lovers, while sports fans will be thrilled with the tailgating parties at the games for Austin’s all-star college football team, the Texas Longhorns.

Many young professionals get their start in Austin because of its charitable venture capitalist environments and profitable businesses, which help startup companies get off the ground. Austin’s economy has thrived despite recessions because of its low cost of living and steady job market.

All these amenities barely scratch the surface of why so many people are coming to Austin TX, and why you might consider calling it home, too.

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