Out of over 2000 Restaurants in Austin Tx Here Are Some of the Best

Being the capital city of such a large state, you know Austin is going to be home to some excellent restaurants. However, not every dining experience is going to be your cup of tea. With so many restaurants to choose from, let’s make sure we get a few names out there. The first top restaurant is a fine dining establishment, Truluck’s Seafood, but are you really in the mood for fine dining?

It is great to be pampered and have a five course meal, but maybe you are more looking at those top rated Austin restaurants that line up more with families that are visiting the area on vacation. If that’s the case, I’m going to throw you for a loop one more time just so I can tell you about a unique establishment called Torchy’s Tacos. It is on S 1st Street, and the place serves food out of a trailer. It is the 7th ranked restaurant in all of Austin TX.

Hopdoddy is another top Austin establishment, and you can count on it having some of the best burgers you can find. Hopdoddy is located on West Anderson Lane. Are you ready for some more names? There is also a really cool cafe called Bouldin Creek Cafe. Now let’s talk pizza for a second because pizza is a vacation favorite. You’re in Austin, and you and the kids want the best pizza. Where do you go?

One of the places you can go is Pieous, which is a really cool name for a pizza joint. Then there is Home Slice Pizza, which looks like a very quaint and inviting place. With those Austin restaurant selections, you have a head start. With over 2,000 restaurants in the capital city, that is exactly what you needed as you plan things out.

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