Is Austin the safest big city in Texas?

It takes a lot of water to keep the plants, shrubs and grass green at Bill Spiesman’s home in North Central Austin. Spiesman is not usually in the front yard watering -it’s a job he says his wife is best suited for, and she would agree.

Speisman considers himself more of a protector of the neighborhood. He’s the Brentwood Neighborhood Association President and he knows a thing or two about keeping his community safe.

“So people are looking out for each other. If they see something funny, let them know, they’ll call the neighbors, they’ll call the police,” Spiesman said.

This type of thinking among neighbors is one of the reasons Austin Mayor Steve Adler believes played a role in Austin being named the safest big city in Texas.

Austin’s new title is based on a mid-year report released by The Major Cities Chiefs Associations. The report shows a decrease in homicides, rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults this year.

Good news. Not only is Austin the safest big city in Texas, but according to midyear statistics incidents of violent crime are down from last year.

“I think it’s exciting and remarkable that as our growth is a geometric as it is, we are still able to be such a safe community I think that is quite an achievement for everybody that’s involved,” Adler said.

It’s a different scenario for some though. Tim Abbott spoke with KVUE while he was trying to get the city to put a police substation in his North Austin neighborhood.

Abbott says his home has been burglarized a number of times. On a separate occasion, he says his son was a victim of crime.

“My son, who is 18-years-old, was mugged on his way home from work approximately four months ago at 10:30 at night,” Abbott said.

Mayor Adler also pointed to community policing and initiatives for the homeless as contributing factors for the data released.

Both Mayor Adler and Spiesman would agree that no city is perfect or will have all the answers when it comes to keeping trouble out.

But so far, to them, it looks like what we have right now is working. To read more on the report click here

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