A Little Info About Austin Texas And Two Great Restaurant Picks

It is easy to get lost looking at the state of Texas and all of its great cities. However, despite there being quite a few, including ones much larger than Austin, it is difficult to forget the state’s capital city. Austin is a fun place, too. I would definitely rank it above San Antonio and Dallas when it comes to larger cities in Texas and their fun factor ranking so to speak. I would not, however, rank Austin above Houston, but H Town is my favorite Texas city.

We are looking at Austin, Texas right now. My family lives only about 45 minutes from Austin TX, and my niece and her husband just moved to Austin several months ago. It is a fun place to spend time, and I would say my favorite time there was when I went to 6th Street with a friend to hit all the clubs. It was a fun time, and I have enjoyed myself many times in Austin.

If you haven’t yet been to Austin, or it has been awhile, then you need to see what all there is to do there. As a matter of fact, after giving you some good general information about the city, I want to introduce you to a couple of the best restaurants there. One is Franklin Barbecue on East 11th Street. Brisket, potato salad and pecan pie are waiting for you as you get ready to enjoy some delicious Texas barbecue.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen is the next restaurant that you’re going to want to visit. It is located on West Highway 71, and it is a great brunch spot. There are many different areas of Austin and things to do in the capital city. Enjoy your time spent there and all that you can find that’s good to eat at those two top restaurants.

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